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If you are a foreign property buyer or seller, or simply need to send or receive funds from abroad we can provide you with a service that not only guarantees you very competitive exchange rates, but also provides you with total security of your funds through the use of Ebury's segregated accounts. Sending and receiving funds with us is fast and reliable. We can also fix exchange rates up to two years ahead with just a 10% deposit.

This can be particularly useful if you are in the process of buying or selling property and need to know you are going to pay, or be paid, the sums you have budgeted for.

If you are planning to live abroad it is not just a property purchase we can assist you with. If you have an income stream from the UK that you require to be remitted to your foreign bank, for example a periodic pension payment, we can organise this for you using our regular payments service. Of course, you will still receive very competitive rates of exchange on every one of your payments through us.


Flo-FX was originally set up to support the needs of small to medium sized businesses so it will come as no surprise that our business service has exceeded all of our clients expectations. The reason for this success is in no small part due to our flexibility. Instead of working to a rigid template, we prefer to meet prospective clients face to face and work out a bespoke service that fits their needs. This can include such things as referral programs and even extending our office hours to accommodate trading in foreign markets.

Whether it be spot transactions and remittance your business requires, for example to pay a foreign supplier, or forward contracts going out as far as two years to mitigate exchange rate risk and smooth cash flow, we will always provide the most competitive rates of exchange and make the process smooth and secure.

Security of Client Funds

Ebury's client funds are held in segregated accounts, entirely separate from their own operating accounts, so our client's funds are always safe.

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